90.3 WKNJ radio request submitted!

I’m excited to announce that, as promised, I’ve written the Kean University Radio Station requesting:

a) a visit from one of the DJs and/or faculty/staff that works at the radio station to come to our class to assist us with the development of our radio show and

b) to see if we can get this thing locked, loaded, and on air!

Here is the email I submitted to the station:


I’m writing to you for a few reasons today.

To start, my graduate students are participating in a project that requires them to create a radio show that would be prepared for broadcasting to a live audience, and I’d like to make the experience as authentic for them as possible.

With this in mind, I am writing to request the radio stations faculty/staff with two requests:

1. Would a DJ or someone from the radio station who has experience with developing a radio show be able to visit my class on a Thursday evening (4:30-7:15) to talk about what goes into the development of a radio show and how it would be able to be produced for the WKNJ 90.3 audience, and

2. Would it be possible to broadcast our radio show (once created) live on the air at some point between the DJ’s visit and the end of the Spring semester?

I’m going to be working with my students this evening (Thursday, 3/12) to develop a theme/script/bumpers/commercials, etc. as described via #ds106 (http://ds106.us/radio-shows/) which is an open online course that my ENG 5090 (Writing for the Workplace) class is loosely based off of.

Any assistance with this request would be greatly appreciated. Apologies for any information you might need that I’m missing in my description here — I’m new to the radio business 🙂

Thanks very much for taking the time to read this request.

All best,
Professor Erica Holan Lucci
CAS 326


I’ll let you all know the details once I hear back from them!  Fingers crossed we get some good news soon!

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