Daily Create: 1

Me Picasso

I noticed that one of the DC exercises requested we “Draw a David…that David” of ourselves, either freehand or via the Picasso maker tool.  I actually created a Picasso-fied version of myself a few months ago, and wanted to share it with the rest of the #ds106 crowd!

I must admit, while creating this “mastErpiece” (btw, my nickname is Er which is why I often capitalize the E whenever I can ‘make it work’), I was insistent on making it look “perfect” even though I know the intent of this exercise/form of artistic expression is to do the opposite.   I can’t help but want to make the proportions equal.  Research has demonstrated that the more “perfect” or “symmetrical” a person’s facial features are, the more attracted we are to them (TRUE STORY!), so I suppose it’s one’s natural inclination to want to make the features balanced… I do consider myself to be artistic, but in this case I had trouble thinking outside the box and making my face look wacky — I’m sorry!  -_-



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