what mean ye digital storytelling?

What Comes to Mind When We Say “Storytelling”?

Well, to be honest, lots of things.  I immediately think of storytelling in it’s routes of the oral tradition – passing down anecdotes from family to family for generations.  I think of how technology has sort of taken storytelling and turned it on its head.  I see it as a way for people to convey messages to others.  I see storytelling as a way of life.  When people “tell stories” sometimes it can be construed as making up things or lying.  When people are “good storytellers” they are typically really entertaining (often humorous) or evoke some sort of emotional response from the listener (or reader, depending upon what format the story is in).  Like the post says, there is no right or wrong, and I could probably go on and on about what I associate with storytelling, but, visual images that flash through my mind go from stuff like a super thick book (Bible), illuminated manuscripts with the huge first letter of the word that starts the text, the story one of my former “Web-Based Multimedia Design for Educator” students shared as part of the “Concept in 60 exercise” I have them complete for the class, about her father who was a Vietnam War vet…one of the best examples of digital stories I have seen a student create to date.

If I were to explain storytelling to someone who hasn’t ever heard of it before, I would probably just TELL A STORY (think Little Red Riding Hood or something) and then say, well, that’s what a story is, and that’s what telling a story is about, and that’s storytelling!  Make sense?  Good 🙂

The Shape of Stories

I watched this digital story titled “Reunion” for the purposes of identifying, based on Vonnegut’s Shapes of Stories video and Maya Eilam’s infographic, which category this particular piece would fall into.  Ultimately, of the 8 types described in Eilam’s infographic, I’d say that “Reunion” follows the “Man in Hole” or “Which Way is Up” paradigm. [visual forthcoming!]

Appreciating Past ds106 Stories

So, I’m happily married and had a rather wonderful Valentine’s Day this year, holed up during a snowstorm while spending a long weekend in Gettysburg (celebrating our nation’s history) — we spent the night eating Chinese take-out from a place located a few buildings away from the Inn we were staying at — it was warm, cozy, intimate, and romantic in its own right.

All that said, I was immediately drawn to THIS image on the ds106 inspire site:


I never bought into the V-Day hype.  I was one of those that always said it was a “holiday” invented by industry to get you to spend more money on chocolate, cards, flowers, and jewelry, and I still think all of those things.  That said, I rather do enjoy chocolate, cards, flowers, and I guess jewelry is pretty nice to receive, too, on any damn day of the year, not just the 14th of February!

Anyway, this image spoke VOLUMES to me.  I immediately pictured a series of images in my mind — almost in montage format — heartbroken girl; crying over image of ex; burning pics of ex; laughing about idiot ex being an idiot; crying over missing idiot ex being an idiot; being surrounded by couples wherever she went, regardless of whether or not she was thinking about ex; crying more over ex; checking out guy in “new” semester’s Chemistry class (oh how cliche!); “lab partners”; friends; more than friends; Valentine’s Day rolls around — girl is out with her bff instead of the new beau — the bff has just been crushed by her “now” ex lover — the two bffs exchange cards as a sign of solidarity — boys come and go, girlfriends are forever! — cue credits.

5 card flickr

So, I didn’t do “exactly” what was described in this assignment, and that’s okay, cause I’m the teacher and I can do as I wish.  Also, frankly, I encourage my students to do as they wish (meaning, if they interpret the directions differently, or choose to interpret them in an alternative way, I encourage the divergence so long as they fulfill the basic requirements of the task).  That said, instead of selecting ONE of the images that randomly came up in the 5 card flickr draw, I just refreshed the page until I got to a series of 5 photos that I felt “fit” with one another for the purposes of this task.  I then took a screenshot of the images lumped together, and my interpretation, or, one sentence story, is below:

5 card flickr


There’s nothing like presenting at a conference in Nashville, TN: all work and no play makes Jack a dull educator.

Now for the interpretation of the one sentence “story” I wrote above.  When I first saw the image all the way on the left, I immediately looked at it as piano keys.  The second image of an old car made me think of a diner that I visited in Tennessee that had a similar looking vehicle INSIDE of it.  The stars immediately reminded me of Nashville and the country stars.  Nashville is a city, comprised of many brick-faced buildings.  The final slide is an image of “Jack” who appears not to know Jack because he didn’t prepare for his presentation — he has his camera on around his neck — he’s obviously been out sightseeing instead of making last minute preparations to his PPT like the rest of us do the night before a presentation.  I could also see the “brick” image in the fourth shot representing the wall Jack has now hit when it came to the fun of sightseeing while away at conferences — the “coming back down to reality” sort of thing — leading to the last image of him looking utterly dumbfounded.  Tech glitch?  Brain fart?  Hangover?  Who knows!  The point is, everyone enjoys a good conference, with a “presentation” being the main reason for attending in the first place, right? 🙂

Bonus Doodle Vid

Okay, that video f*in rocked.  I’m not a math person — I hate all things x and y and numbery and quantitative BUT I now really ❤ cardioids (and I learned something new)!


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