my foray into #ds106 with my #eng5090 students

I decided that in order to model/set a good example for my students in my “Writing for the Workplace” course this semester that I would create my own #ds106 blog complete with all of the required postings associated with participation in the “open” version of the class.

For starters, I’ve been a big #edtech fan for quite some time now, so other than taking the time to add the links to all of my random social media accounts floating around the web, the process of “creating” accounts for the purposes of the #ds106 course were non-existent.  I had all of the accounts in my “social media bar” at the top of my site created months (and in some cases, years) before teaching this course and participating in #ds106.  So I can honestly say that “setting up” accounts was fairly easy to do.

My main issue with having all of these accounts is that I don’t use all of them as much as I “could.”  In most cases, I use what I need to when I need to, while others I simply created to scope out information (like github for example — I’m far from a computer programmer type, and while I attempt to hold my own at with the development of my electronic portfolio [] I do NOT know all that much about the github world (other than it exists and I can get a LOT of cool free resources from it once I learn more about HTML5, using Arduinos, and other stuff like that).  There never seems to be enough time in the day to become wholeheartedly frustrated with my never-ending curiosity for learning things that are beyond the breadth and scope of my tech-knowledge-y background (see what I did there?)…

Anyway, I look forward to pushing my students to learn what all this cool “connected learning” stuff is about.

While Jim Groom and co. have focused the #ds106 course on a variety of themes for discussion, I decided that, in the spirit of audio broadcast journalism, I would intersperse our online connected learning activity with in-class sessions listening to the ever-popular podcast, SERIAL*

*Back story: I happened to hear someone mention what a great podcast it was while listening to EW Live on XM Satelite radio one evening while waiting to pick up my husband from the train station.  I could not be more happy to have flipped to that station and actually left it on for more than 2 minutes while distractedly playing Words with Friends on my iPhone, because…  As soon as I heard the word “serial” in conversation, my ears perked up.  I am obsessed with crime shows (think ID ADDICT) and stuff about serial killers, so I was wondering if the woman was referring to that sort of subject matter or Honey Nut Cheerios.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one, as someone else on the broadcast asked which form of “serial” the discussant was referring to.  She immediately clarified that it was referring to the serial “killer” version, but that this podcast was titled serial as in a series or chronicling of events surrounding one murder case.  While I’d never listened to any podcasts faithfully before, I thought this one was definitely worth looking into.  Little did I know just how popular it was!  I looked it up online simply to find the podcasts that had already been recorded, and shortly afterward caught up with the rest of America.


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